Priti Patel slams EU court ruling on Rwanda, calls it ‘politically motivated’

Denouncing the intervention of a European court to stop a deportation flight to Rwanda, British Home Secretary Priti Patel said the decision was politically motivated.

After Brexit, the British government pledged to deal with record numbers of migrants crossing the English Channel in small boats from northern France.

Following a series of legal challenges on human rights grounds, the British plan to send 130 asylum seekers one-way for resettlement in Rwanda has been reduced to zero.

To make it easier to deport migrants, Johnson’s government is considering rewriting UK human rights law, which is based on the European Convention on Human Rights.

Expressing confidence in the legality of the policy, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would pursue it.

Breaking the business model of smuggling rings, the £120m ($147m) deal with Rwanda will stem the flow of dangerous cross-Channel travel, Britain says.

Johnson told reporters: ‘Every court in this country said there was no impediment that they could see, no court in this country found the policy illegal, which was very, very encouraging. .”

To monitor people arriving in the country illegally, the UK Home Office has issued guidance on a 12-month pilot project using electronic tagging.

Criticizing the decision by Johnson, the opposition Labor party’s main spokesman on immigration, Stephen Kinnock told Times Radio that most migrants flee their country due to violence and persecution and may have been victims of torture and human trafficking.

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