‘Prime Air’: Amazon announces it will start delivering packages via drones in California

It’s been nearly a decade since Amazon first floated the idea of ​​doing drone package deliveries. At the time, it sounded straight out of a sci-fi movie, but it will soon become a reality – at least for a small town in the United States. Amazon said Monday it will begin Prime Air deliveries for customers in Lockeford, Calif., on a trial basis. The announcement was made on the TODAY show as Amazon’s statement said the drones will be able to carry packages “under five pounds” in an hour. The initial trial of the drone delivery system will include packages within 15 miles of the nearest Amazon delivery center.

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In a blog post, Amazon also said the drones would “descend into the customer’s yard and hover at a safe height,” making it easier for them to safely retrieve their packages. The drones are also capable of detecting any fixed object in their path and they were approved by the authorities in 2020.

While Amazon began testing its drones in 2015, it took them almost five years to finally get the necessary permits. According to a Politico report, there have been eight cases of Amazon drone crashes, including one that resulted in a bushfire in Oregon.

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However, Amazon was able to fix the issues with its system, and the company said it would work with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and city officials for any necessary permits.

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