Police officer sacked for punching and verbally assaulting black teenager during arrest last year

Steve Martin, a Metropolitan Police officer was found guilty of punching a black teenager and sacked. Apparently Martin, in February last year, while serving in firearms command, punched and verbally assaulted a 15-year-old child who was not resisting arrest in a robbery case. suspected army.

“Following our independent investigation, we found one case to respond on the basis that the force used appeared to exceed what was required in the circumstances as the boy had surrendered and was not resisting,” the Independent Office said. for Police Conduct (IOPC) in its investigation.

According to reports, the IOPC submitted extensive evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service, including body camera footage which revealed that the constable breached professional standards for the use of force and ‘authority. He was subsequently charged with common assault and pleaded guilty before Magistrates’ Cort in Westminster earlier this year in January.

As for the incident, on February 28, 2021, police were looking for three young people in east London in connection with an armed robbery case. The black child along with two other teenage males were arrested by Martin and charged, only to have the case later dropped.

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However, nowhere in the subsequent account of the incident did Martin mention the assault. Confronted with the footage, Martin claimed the strike was an accident.

Constable Martin has lost his job and has been blacklisted which prevents him from seeking future employment with law enforcement, including the police.

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