Peru. During a major drug trafficking, the police seize 1 ton of cocaine

Peruvian authorities made a major drug bust by seizing 1 ton of cocaine on Tuesday (Juen 21). The drug bust was made at the Valle de los Ríos Apurímac, Ene y Mantaro. It is a Peruvian valley known for its drug-producing activity. The announcement of the drug seizure was made by the Ministry of Interior of Peru.

There have been three Peruvian police operations in which huge amounts of drugs were seized. The total drug carriage weighs 1448 kg (3192 lb).

These drug seizures took place in three different regions – Junin, Ucayali and Ayacucho. During a raid, armed officers opened fire on a drug lab and seized cocaine, two vehicles and two suspects.

The battle against drug cartels is an ongoing problem for authorities in South America. Drug cartels are well armed and even enjoy political support due to the money and strength they have to bribe or intimidate local politicians. Drugs are smuggled to major illegal markets in countries like the United States and more.

On Tuesday June 21, a drug trafficker known as “Pablo Escobar of Brazil” was arrested in Hungary. He had been on the run for over a year.

Sergio Roberto de Carvalho, known simply as “Mayor Carvalho”, was arrested in cooperation with Interpol and Hungarian police, Brazil’s federal police said in a statement, describing him as “one of the biggest international traffickers of today”.

According to Brazilian media, Carvalho is a former policeman who lived for a long time in Europe under a false identity.

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