#PeachPolice: A group of parents in London are protesting against the use of peach, aka the ‘butt’ emoji. Look!

How do you use the peach emoji, as a fruit or a butt? According to WTF Facts, only around 1% of people using the peach emoji refer to the fruit itself. According to Urban Dictionary, the emoji is a double meaning; a fruit, and “for immature-minded people, it’s the donkey emoticon”. Upon learning of this fact, a group of parents in London took it upon themselves to “reclaim” the meaning of this emoji.

No kidding, a group calling themselves M_U_P_P_E_T_S or Mums (& Dads) United for Proper Peach Emoji Treatment, say they want to make the internet “a better place, starting with” emoji.

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Apparently they even staged a protest, wearing shirts with pictures of the fruit in question, holding up signs saying “Don’t touch our peaches”, “Loots are not fruity” and “Peaches are not after” . Let’s just take a moment to enjoy the pun.

Here is a video of the protest:

The group says people need to “get their minds out of the gutter,” but the internet just seems to wonder how does anyone have time to protest something like this?

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Several tweets pointed out that the eggplant emoji also has dual meanings and the band pledged to take it back next.

Now the question that comes to mind: is this all a gimmick? The Twitter account has 106 tweets and has only been on the platform since last month (May 2022).

Whatever the reality, 10/10 for the witty slogans and downright hilarious subject matter of the protest.

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