Over 1,000 Ukrainian prisoners sent to Russia for investigation

More than 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered in the city of Mariupol and were captured have reportedly been sent to Russia for investigation, Tass news agency reported citing a Russian. source of law enforcement.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, nearly 2,400 people surrendered in total. If confirmed, the news may jeopardize the existing problematic peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.

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As part of an exchange with Russia, Kyiv demands the return of all the estimated 2,000 soldiers from the Azovstal plant, however, Russian lawmakers have demanded that a few soldiers be put on trial. These soldiers spent several weeks collapsed in the steelworks of Azovstal before being taken prisoner in May.

“More than 1,000 people from Azovstal have been transferred to Russia. Law enforcement is working with them. Investigators also plan to send a number of other captives to Russia in the future, following ‘a series of head-to-head clashes,’ Tass quoted. The source.

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Citing the source, the agency added that nearly 100 people, “including foreign mercenaries who went to Mariupol”, are currently in Moscow.

There have been no official comments or statements currently obtained from investigative and law enforcement agencies.

It comes after the bodies of soldiers who were killed defending the main southeastern port of the city of Mariupol were returned to Kyiv by Russia.


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