Of more than 1,000 witnesses, none said Trump won in 2020

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said on MSNBC’s “All In” Friday that during the House Select Committee’s Jan. 6 investigation, of more than 1,000 witnesses, none believed President Donald Trump had won. in 2020.

Raskin said: “Truth has this power in investigations like this because things that seemed obscure or obscure before suddenly become clear when you hear a lot of people talking about it. More than 1000 witnesses came to talk to us freely about what was happening. Some things have just achieved crystal clarity. One was that no one bought the big lie. The United States Attorney General said so, BS. They all got it. There was none there. It was completely absurd. It was a joke. You’re going to find a lot of people commenting on that, and the Republicans aren’t even arguing with that anymore.

He added: “Furthermore, everyone admitted that Donald Trump was engaged in a series of activities to try to defeat and overthrow Joe Biden’s legal majority in the Electoral College. Everyone just accepted that, and everyone talks about it and the different methods that have been used. And then finally, everyone fully understood that this mass mob was influenced by domestic violent extremist groups that took them to the head and heart of it. And they’ve been activated, instigated and urged on by all of Donald Trump’s battlefield tweets and instructions along the way on Twitter. We will be able to reconstitute the whole and tell the story. Thus, the street fights and the internal political coup d’etat came together in an explosive way on January 6th.

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