Now Virgin Atlantic cabin crew can show off their tattoos

In something of a move unique to the UK aviation industry, Virgin Atlantic cabin crew will be allowed to display body art or tattoos, according to media reports. Virgin Atlantic has become the first UK airline and the first carrier to do so. The policy change was announced by the airline on Twitter. This comes a month after the launch of a ‘stand up for individuality’ branding campaign. So far, several airlines have banned visible tattoos. Most carriers only hire staff, who can hide the ink job under the uniform.


Virgin Atlantic’s director of human resources, Estelle Hollingsworth, said the restrictions were being eased “in line with our goal of inclusion and championing individuality. At Virgin Atlantic, we want everyone to be themselves and know they belong. Many people use tattoos to express their unique identity and our customer-facing and uniformed colleagues should not be excluded from doing so if they choose.


For flight attendants, face and neck tattoos will always remain prohibited. Tattoos deemed culturally inappropriate or referring to violence, nudity, drugs or alcohol will also be prohibited. Prison style love, hate knuckle tattoos or those with swear words are strictly prohibited.

The crew, who will benefit from this decision, are those with full arm tattoos and others who hide smaller tattoos with makeup. Airplane tattoos are also popular among crew, the airline added.

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