North Korea tests ballistic missile after U.S.-South Korea milestone drills

South Korea’s military believes North Korea launched at least one ballistic missile off its east coast on Sunday. The missile test came just hours after South Korea and the United States completed their first joint military exercise involving a US aircraft carrier in more than four years, according to AFP. This was also confirmed by the Japanese Coast Guard which quoted the Ministry of Defense and said that “possible ballistic missiles” had been launched on orders from Pyongyang. Earlier, North Korea expressed its dissatisfaction with the joint drills by South Korea and the United States calling them “invasion rehearsals” and the launch is seen as a response to the drills.

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“North Korea has fired one or more unidentified ballistic missiles into the East Sea,” Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Sunday, according to AFP.

This is the second time in two months that North Korea has conducted a missile test. Last month they tested three missiles, including the Hwasong-17 – possibly the largest intercontinental ballistic missile in its arsenal.

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It’s all seen as a show of power amid the three-day drills led by Seoul and Washington. It was conducted on the USS Ronald Reagan and was the first joint exercise since Yoon Suk-yeol became president of South Korea.

“The exercise solidified both countries’ resolve to respond forcefully to any North Korean provocation, while demonstrating the United States’ commitment to providing widespread deterrence,” the Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement. a statement according to the AFP report.

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