No pee at sea: Spanish city to relieve those who urinate on the beach of money in fine

The salty sea breeze, a walk on the beach when the amber waves play around your feet on a perfect evening is perhaps everyone’s idea of ​​an ideal first date. Nothing can match the feeling of warmth around your feet and that in your heart.

But just to be clear about the nature of the splashing liquids and to deter anyone considering making an unwarranted contribution to the endless sea, a Spanish town has banned everyone from urinating in the sea. For those whose the compelling need to break the rules outweighs everything else, a fine of 645 euros would be imposed.

The message is clear, no peeing overboard, or your wallet is cleared of cash.

The name of the Spanish city is Vigo. It is in the Galicia region of Spain. The city council has rightly declared that urinating in the sea or on the beach is “a breach of hygiene and sanitary rules”.

But you have to go when you have to go. What to do about it? For those who need a little relief, the public toilets that will be installed by the city council would be a big help.

Hopefully the hefty fine will deter those who take shortcuts to unparalleled freedom.

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Post expires at 6:50am on Friday July 1st, 2022