New Chinese textbooks say Hong Kong was not a British colony: report

New liberal studies textbooks in secondary schools in China say Hong Kong was not a British colony, according to a report by the South China Morning Post. The textbooks are of revised curriculum. The reasoning behind such a claim, as the textbooks say, is that China did not recognize the unequal treaties by which Hong Kong was ceded to the British.

In addition to this, the book also makes claims about the pro-democracy protests that took place in 2019. The textbooks would point to the 2019 protests as a threat to China’s national security. The books also say that outside forces were behind these protests.

The report notes that the textbooks are “still being vetted by” the Office of Education.

Hong Kong was returned by the United Kingdom to China in 1997 under the latter’s promise that the nature of Hong Kong’s system of government based on democratic values ​​would be preserved.

Events of the past three years have seen China deviate from these promises. The National Security Law has been used to restrict many freedoms previously granted to Hong Kong citizens. The city has seen independent media, including the popular and influential Apple Daily, shut down for good. As these closures approached, Hong Kong police were seen swarming media offices by the hundreds.

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