Nancy Pelosi says the Supreme Court has ‘taken a wrecking ball’ for women’s rights

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed Friday that the Supreme Court had “taken a wrecking ball” for women’s rights by striking down Roe vs. Wade defer the decision to the states – ahead of House action on the Women’s Health Protection Act and the law guaranteeing women’s reproductive rights.

“Just three weeks ago, the Supreme Court gave a blow to fundamental rights by annulling Roe vs. Wadeshe said on the steps of the Capitol, calling it “outrageous” that women must fight for the “right” to terminate their pregnancies.

“It is outrageous that 50 years later, women must once again fight for our most basic rights against an extremist Court and Republican Party. Disturbingly, Republicans in Congress want to go even further than the Court as they plot to criminalize abortion in all 50 states,” the 82-year-old said, proudly foreshadowing the House’s passage of “historic” bills to “make the essential protections of deer the law of the land”.

Pelosi urged Americans to make abortion a central issue as we approach the midterms, calling for two more Democratic senators, which would allow Democrats to root out the filibuster and “make freedom reproduction the law of the land”.

“My friends, the House Democrats are here on the steps of the United States Capitol — next to the Senate, across from the Supreme Court — to loudly declare: Hands Off Our Reproductive Health!” Pelosi said, later thanking pro-choice groups for their support, including Catholics for Choice and other “people of faith” who support a woman’s ability to terminate her pregnancy:

Despite Pelosi’s claims, states restricting or prohibiting abortion provide exceptions for the life of the mother. Additionally, a Fox News poll released in May found that most Americans think abortion should be “mostly” or “always” illegal. What’s more, a recent YouGov/The EconomyThe survey found that most think abortion should be banned by the end of the first trimester.

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