Nancy Pelosi insists people still care about Jan. 6 – don’t they?

As cable news stations and reporters in Washington prepare for the first of several prime-time hearings hosted by the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6, lawmakers face a question simple: how many Americans still care?

The question was on the minds of reporters at Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s weekly press conference on Capitol Hill Thursday, where the Democratic leader was confronted by a reporter who claimed that “a large portion of Americans” have “decided [that] they just don’t care” about the investigation into the violence that has gripped the nation’s capital, including the effort to determine Donald Trump’s role in the day’s events.

“I don’t think that’s the case,” Ms Pelosi replied.

She added: “I don’t know [it’s a fact that many Americans do not care]. I know there are people who would like him to go, some of them in this same Congress. But I don’t stipulate what you said, no.

Ms Pelosi’s assertion that most Americans did not ignore arguments about the deadly riot that erupted when Donald Trump supporters tried to force Congress to void the election appears to be broadly backed up by the Reality: A CBS News poll released Thursday morning found that up to seven in ten Americans still believe it is important to “find out what happened on January 6”; less than a third said the opposite. Republicans were the only group to significantly oppose an investigation in the poll, with just over half saying it was not important to pursue an investigation into the attack.

In the same poll, two-thirds of Americans said they were worried about the future of democracy in the United States, and a slightly larger share agreed that the riot was a sign of escalating violence. politically motivated violence in the country.

Largely for the efforts of lawmakers on the panel, American independent voters still seem interested in the survey. 68% of politically independent voters in the CBS poll rated efforts to find out the truth about Jan. 6 as at least somewhat important. And in a dangerous conclusion for Republicans, more than eight in 10 independents say they disapprove of the actions of those Trump supporters who have stormed the Capitol (whose actions continue to be downplayed and even praised by Republicans, including Mr. Trump).

However, Republicans in the House continue to respond to their die-hard base that opposes an investigation and, for that reason, spent their time Thursday criticizing the panel’s investigation itself as well as Ms Pelosi’s refusal to put two Republicans on the panel that had made public statements. downplaying the severity of the attack (and one of whom, Jim Jordan, is now a witness whose testimony is sought by the panel).

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy attacked the panel’s work at his own press conference Thursday, calling it “the most political and least legitimate committee in the history of Congress,” and insisted that “I think everyone in the country bears responsibility” for the political escalation. rhetoric when reporters asked him if Donald Trump was responsible for the attack.

The GOP has walked a fine line, arguing that its members believe an investigation into the attack has been needed for more than a year now, while at the same time those same members have for one reason or another opposed another to virtually every effort to do so.

Many in their party also continue to undermine the seriousness of their leaders’ calls for an investigation by publicly criticizing the Justice Department for its own efforts to hold attack participants accountable; House members like Marjorie Taylor Greene have denounced the long periods of pretrial detention in DC jail that some Jan. 6 defendants have faced, though such a practice is quite common in unrelated cases across the country. .

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