MPs demand universities disclose ties to China, ban Confucius Institutes

British universities should be forced to disclose their financial relationships with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and shut down the controversial Confucius Institutes, demanded a bipartisan group of MPs.

Britain must crack down on the influence of communist money on its university system, including funding for the controversial Confucius Institute, which reports directly to Beijing’s Propaganda Department, British lawmakers led by the former leader have said Curator Sir Iain Duncan Smith.

The 20-MP cross-party group, aligned under the China Research Group (CRG), argued that government legislation on free speech on campuses should be amended to include a requirement for universities to disclose funding that they received institutes, as well as the activities of communist organizations.

According to MPs, the vice-chancellors of 17 UK universities have accepted £28 million in funding from Confucius Institutes over the past decade.

The centers have drowned out speeches on “sensitive” topics for Beijing (Beijing) on ​​campus, including the so-called “three Ts” of Taiwan, Tibet and the Tiananmen Square massacre – and, more recently, of Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

Alicia Kearns, Conservative MP and co-chair of the CRG, said The temperature“Complacency has seen the UK become host to the most Confucius Institutes of any country in the world.

“The Chinese Communist Party is strangling free speech at home, but using Britain’s universities to rewrite the realities of its historical and contemporary actions.”

There are also growing concerns about Chinese spying on UK campuses, with the foreign intelligence service MI6 – roughly equivalent to the US CIA – reportedly launching investigations into “some of the country’s most prestigious universities”. for potentially violating national security laws by working with Chinese. arms manufacturers.

Some 200 British academics have been identified as allegedly helping Beijing develop weapons of ‘mass destruction’.

Some 33 universities, including the prestigious Cambridge, have also been accused of working in tandem with the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP), the Chinese government’s main nuclear weapons developer.

While many academics are leading the charge for woke causes in Britain, their paychecks are heavily dependent on tuition fees – often subsidized by CCP scholarships – for Chinese students.

In May last year, a government investigation “established a correlation” between the use of tuition fees by Chinese students and technology transfers to the CCP from British universities.

In addition to the 30 Confucius Institutes in Britain, there are also nearly 150 “Confucius Classrooms” operating across the country. Although they officially claim to simply promote Chinese language and culture, former Chinese leader Hu Jintao admitted that the ultimate goal of the project is “to cultivate and prepare a group (or an army) of people to ensure that the CCP will be in power in the future…and increase our CCP influence in the world.

Another co-chair of the China Research Group, Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat, said The Telegraph: “We should not depend on an authoritarian state to teach its language in Britain.”

Professor Andreas Fulda of the University of Nottingham, who focuses on China issues, went further, saying: “Chinese propaganda has no place on campus. If the Confucius Institutes want to continue operating in the UK, they must rent their own office space in the city centre. This will force universities to terminate or choose not to renew their existing cooperation agreements.

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