Morning brief: Boris says ‘anyone but Rishi’, UN on Sri Lanka, Biden on Saudi Arabia, etc.

Johnson also reportedly indicated he was open to Penny Mordaunt, the young trade secretary, succeeding him if it meant Sunak was left out of the race. Separately, in response to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents in 2018, Biden had vowed to make Saudi Arabia a “pariah” on the international stage. However, he eventually came to the conclusion that US interests required a recalibration, not a severance, in relations with the country, which is the top oil exporter and an Arab superpower.

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Boris Johnson leads ‘anyone but Rishi’ campaign, tells defeated candidates not to back him: report


As the race for UK Prime Minister heats up, caretaker Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged defeated Tory member candidates to “back anyone but Rishi Sunak”, according to local media. According to The Times newspaper, Johnson, who resigned as leader of the ruling Conservative Party on July 7 after the departure of several of his ministers, asked the unsuccessful candidates to ensure that Sunak does not become prime minister.

Securing a peaceful and constitutional transfer of power in Sri Lanka: UN


The UN mission in Sri Lanka has urged senior politicians to ensure a peaceful transfer of power in accordance with the national constitution, after weeks of protests that ultimately resulted in the resignation of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Thursday.

“The United Nations in Sri Lanka urges all stakeholders to ensure a peaceful transition of power in full respect of the Constitution,” United Nations (UN) Resident Coordinator Hanaa Singer said in a statement issued on behalf of of the United Nations in Sri Lanka. .

She said it was “imperative that the transition of power is accompanied by broad and inclusive consultation within and outside parliament”.

Arab summit: Biden hopes for more oil, Israeli integration and preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons


In a bid to convince Washington’s Gulf allies to pump more oil and include Israel in the region as part of a new axis driven in part by shared fears over Iran, US President Joe Biden is holding talks Saturday with Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia. In a joint statement released by the Saudi state news agency, the two countries stressed the importance of preventing Iran “from acquiring a nuclear weapon”.

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