Morning Brief: After EU Bans Russian Oil Imports, Prices Soar, And More

In order to reprimand Russia for the war in Ukraine, European Union (EU) leaders finally decided to cut off 90% of Moscow’s oil imports. Less than a week after the Texas school shooting that rocked America, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a proposed freeze on handgun ownership.

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After EU bans Russian oil imports, prices jump as Asian trade begins


The ban will be enforced by the end of the year. But the move appears to have triggered a price spike in the commodity. The price of oil saw a rise in early Asian trade on Tuesday, media reported.

Canada: In the week following the shooting in Texas, Justin Trudeau proposes a freeze on handguns


Trudeau’s bill will have to be passed by Parliament. The ruling Liberals currently hold a minority of seats.

Hurricane Agatha: The first hurricane of the Pacific season makes landfall in Mexico


Bringing torrential rains and the threat of flooding as the first named storm in the eastern Pacific this year, Hurricane Agatha slammed into resort towns on Mexico’s southern Pacific coast.

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