More chicken rice? Singapore faces chicken shortage as Malaysia bans exports

For Singapore, chicken rice is a dish that holds a special place. It is known as the national dish of the country, and it is something that people from all economic strata can enjoy. However, Singapore’s chicken supply is heavily dependent on its neighbor Malaysia and a move by the Malaysian government may be bad news for them. Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob has announced that the country will ban live chicken exports from June to deal with a domestic shortage. This may be a blow to Singapore, a country that imports around 3.6 million live chickens every month, and it looks like they may have to stop consuming chicken rice for the time being.

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This has created a lot of outcry among Singaporean citizens and although the government has said it will explore other options for chicken imports, the price is expected to rise. According to CNN, while traders are paying $3 right now, it may go up to $4-5 in the near future.

The CNN report further stated that this may be a direct result of supply chain issues created by the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The rising cost of animal feed has caused the cost of live chicken to skyrocket and as a result the country has decided to keep most of its stock for its own citizens.

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This, in turn, is the cause of the coming shortage in Singapore and even if citizens try to buy large quantities of chicken ahead of the ban, it will be difficult for vendors to keep up with the demands.


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