Monkeypox outbreak: WHO says other countries are ‘very likely’ to identify cases

So far, at least 780 laboratory-confirmed cases of monkeypox have been reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) from 27 non-endemic countries, the global health body announced on Sunday (June 5). The UN health agency said it is “very likely” that other countries will identify cases and that there will be further spread of the virus. However, the WHO maintained that the overall level of risk was moderate.

Global concerns have been raised about the recent increase in rare monkeypox infections in different parts of the world. Monkeypox is a more common viral infection in West and Central Africa.

The spread is of great concern as multiple cases and outbreaks are occurring mainly in West and Central Africa. Sometimes it spreads elsewhere.

According to the WHO, the figure of 780, for cases from May 13 to Thursday, was likely an underestimate due to limited epidemiological and laboratory information.

Most cases of monkeypox have been reported in European countries. The WHO has listed non-endemic countries reporting the most cases as Britain (207), Spain (156), Portugal (138), Canada (58) and Germany (57).

Apart from the countries mentioned, cases have also been reported in Argentina, Australia, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.

The WHO said: “It is very likely that other countries will identify cases and the virus will spread further.”

The WHO said: “Some countries are reporting that new generations of cases are no longer appearing only among known contacts of previously confirmed cases, suggesting chains of transmission are being missed by undetected circulation of the virus.”

“While the current risk to human health and to the general public remains low, the public health risk could become high if this virus exploits the opportunity to establish itself in non-endemic countries as a human pathogen. widespread,” he added.

“WHO assesses the risk globally as moderate given that this is the first time that many cases and clusters of monkeypox have been reported simultaneously in non-endemic and endemic countries.” he further added.


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