Miracles are happening: a 30-year-old American woman becomes pregnant while she is pregnant. find how

Who said miracles don’t happen? Well, they absolutely do. This is the case of a 30-year-old woman, who gave birth to identical twins after a “miracle” pregnancy. The woman, Cara Winhold, became pregnant, when she was already pregnant, according to a Metro report. Winhold had already suffered three devastating miscarriages. In February last year, Winhold became pregnant. A month later, the joy doubled as she was pregnant again. This unique medical condition is called superfetation. In it, a pregnancy occurs during an existing pregnancy. It can happen days or weeks after the first one, according to Healthline. Finally, she had two little boys, born six minutes apart.

“I said to the doctor, ‘What happened? He wasn’t there the first time. What’s going on?’ The doctor said that I most likely ovulated twice, released two eggs and they were fertilized at different times, about a week apart. I 100% believe it was a miracle just because of everything that happened during my pregnancy journey,” Winhold told Metro.

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Winhold and her husband had their first son in 2018. When the couple decided to expand the family, she suffered three miscarriages. The last one nearly killed her, according to the New York Post. The situation was such that she was afraid of becoming pregnant again.

“I knew I wanted more children. I’m very optimistic, and I was like, ‘It’s going to happen,’ and I knew it was part of my journey and my life to be a mom, and so I knew I didn’t want to give up but go to therapy m made me learn to heal and understand that it wasn’t my fault. It took a long time,” Winhold told the New York Post.


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