Meetings in Xinjiang ‘unsupervised’, visit to China ‘not an investigation’, says UN human rights chief

UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet, after meeting with Chinese officials, said her meetings in Xinjiang were “not supervised” by the authorities.

Bachelet said the visit was “not an investigation”, as she added that the virtual meeting with President Xi Jinping was a chance to “listen to each other”.

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The US State Department has previously said it “does not expect the PRC (People’s Republic of China) to grant the necessary access to conduct a comprehensive and unmanipulated assessment of the human rights environment. ‘man in Xinjiang’.

“We are aware of the number of people seeking information on the fate of their loved ones (…) this issue and others have been raised with the authorities,” said the UN human rights chief. .

State Department spokesman Ned Price said the Biden administration was “deeply concerned about the upcoming visit” and expressed dissatisfaction with alleged human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

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Price added that it was “a mistake to accept a visit under the circumstances.”

Human Rights Watch had added earlier that the Chinese Communist Party could “manipulate the visit as a public relations stunt”.

Michelle Bachelet said Xinjiang officials assured her that controversial ‘re-education’ camps had been ‘dismantled’ as she urged Chinese officials not to take ‘arbitrary and indiscriminate measures’ and avoid a counter-terrorism crackdown in Xinjiang.

China has always denied the existence of detention camps in Xinjiang, but in 2018 it admitted there were “vocational training centers” even as the United States said China had conducted a ” genocide” against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

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