Mary Trump says her uncle Donald ‘accused’ her daughter Ivanka of ‘perjury’ after January 6 testimony aired

Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump has said in an interview that she believes the ex-president is accusing Ivanka Trump of ‘perjury’ after she raged at her daughter after her testimony was aired before the panel investigating the crime. January 6 riot last week.

On Thursday, the House Select Committee held its first public hearing into the investigation into the events leading up to the violent attack on the Capitol in January 2021 and during the proceedings, committee members played taped testimony from the former president’s daughter where she recounted how she did not support his false claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from her.

Following the primetime hearing, the one-term president took to his social media platform Truth Social to downplay his daughter’s shocking admission, in which she said that she sided with former Attorney General Bill Barr’s statement that her father’s election fraud allegations were “*** bulls.”

“Ivanka Trump was not involved in reviewing or considering the election results. She has long since checked and, in my opinion, was only trying to be respectful of Bill Barr and his position as Attorney General (he sucked!),” the twice impeached president wrote on his Truth Social account.

Asked by MSNBC anchor Alex Witt what she thought of her uncle’s remarks and her cousin’s testimony, the former president’s niece noted that those close to her were behaving in a way “exactly what I expected of them both”.

Mary Trump, the former president’s niece, told MSNBC she believed her uncle was accusing her daughter Ivanka of ‘perjury’


“Ivanka walked a very fine line,” Mary Trump began. “She didn’t say anything necessarily inflammatory, but, as we thought, she decided she had to side with what the facts support, which is of course that the election is not was not stolen.”

For her uncle, however, the psychologist noted that while he hadn’t “entirely thrown her under the bus,” he had ultimately, by his assessment, slandered his daughter’s name with a rather serious accusation.

“The fact that he said she was gone, although that’s a little rude, isn’t really the issue,” Mary Trump said. “He’s accusing her of perjury, really.”

In the days after Monday’s first and second hearings aired, Mr. Trump continued to air his grievances against the panel investigating his role in the violent insurgency against the Capitol, a group of lawmakers he affectionately dubbed the “House De-Selection Committee.” ”.

Just hours after Monday’s congressional committee heard scathing testimony accusing the ex-president of lying to his supporters, Mr Trump lashed out and criticized the panel’s findings as “pitiful”.

“The Jan. 6 screening committee dishonors everything we hold sacred in our Constitution. If they had real evidence, they would hold real hearings with equal representation,” Mr. Trump wrote in a lengthy statement Monday. “They don’t, so they use the illegally constituted committee to put on a smoke and mirror show for the American people, in a pitiful last-ditch effort to deceive the American public…again.”

Mr Trump launched similar attacks on the committee after his daughter, son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Mr Barr – all of whom were at one time or another considered to be some of Trump’s closest advisers and supporters. Trump at the White House – provided some of the most explosive revelations in video clips of their testimonies screened last week.

“Bill Barr was a weak and scared attorney general who was always ‘played’ and threatened by Democrats and scared of impeachment,” Trump wrote last week.

Mary Trump conceded during Sunday’s interview with MSNBC that she doesn’t believe these testimonies will have a big impact on the relationship between Ivanka and her father. She noted that “there has probably been some tension there for a long time,” which she said was evidenced by the fact that Mr. Kushner and his wife stayed away from ” projectors” in recent months.

“Their relationship, whether they seem close or not, is entirely transactional,” she said. “Once one or both come to the conclusion that there is nothing for them, then they will move on.”

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