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Considering the roles that T Koshy has played in key transformation projects at national level in India such as Custodian, Central Registrar Agency for Pensions, UIDAI, Co-WIN etc., he has been selected to lead the team establishing an Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) which is an initiative supported by DPIIT, GOI with a vision to democratize digital commerce in India. As a pioneering initiative globally, ONDC is set to operate like a start-up, working in an agile and pivotal manner to ensure it is able to create synergy between creative ideas and innovations.


As with previous projects he has led, he internalizes the cause the organization has envisioned and enlists the support of his team to give their best to an idea bigger than themselves- same. As a result, his leadership style has taken on a more transformational role, where the team is encouraged to come up with a portfolio of creative solutions, test them, follow through with what works, and eliminate what doesn’t. “In this way, we ease the inertia of the processes and also share the credit for our successes,” he shares.

ONDC is supported by a Board of Directors and an Advisory Council who have extensive experience in solving population-scale issues. Koshy pays close attention to providing inspiration and guidance from this powerful forum and extending his mentorship to a wider audience. It sets clear goals with associated accountability and milestones that are clearly linked to the big picture the organization is working towards. It also meticulously tracks progress and any escalation against these milestones.

He’s also backed by a leadership team of like-minded people whom he can fully trust to get things done, giving Koshy time to focus on the longer-term vision. Koshy has been involved in several pioneering national initiatives, building population-scale digital solutions, which often means very high levels of uncertainty. His ability to extrapolate his experiences to new contexts, his risk-taking and his willingness to be challenged in his reflection in order to explore new ideas allowed each of these initiatives to develop beyond their vision of origin.

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  • Age: 60 years old
  • Year of joining the current organization: 2021
  • Total team size: 40-50

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