Kevin McCarthy hits back at Pelosi after answering Newsmax’s question

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California, pushed back against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, for saying Supreme Court justices are protected.

Pelosi, at a press conference on Thursday, answered a question posed by Newsmax Congressional correspondent Kilmeny Duchardt.

It came after the FBI charged Nicholas John Roske with attempted murder of Judge Brett Kavanaugh after Roske called the Montgomery County, Maryland Emergency Communications Center around 1 a.m. Wednesday, saying to the dispatcher that he had a gun in his suitcase, was suicidal, and had traveled from California to kill Kavanaugh.

Duchardt asked: “How can you say the judges are protected when there was an attempt on the life of Judge Kavanaugh? You said the judges are protected but there was an attempt on the life of Judge Kavanaugh?”

Pelosi replied, “The judges are protected; the judges are protected. It’s not about the judges, it’s about the staff and stuff. The judges are protected, you saw the attorney general double that.”

Duchardt then said, “But it’s about security for the judges, a gunman showed up near Judge Kavanaugh’s house.”

Pelosi said: “We’re working together on a bill that the Senate can approve…to pass…because that’s what we want…we want it to pass the Senate. So I don’t know what you’ I speak because you haven’t seen what it’s about, this debate will be about language, but there will be a bill Nobody is in danger during the weekend because we don’t have no bill.

But McCarthy later hit back: “I know the speaker just had a press conference here. I was told she said no one was a threat this weekend. I don’t know how. she can say knowing that you just captured a person who wanted to kill Kavanaugh and his family. So wasn’t he threatened yesterday? I don’t know why the Democrats held up on this bill for a month?

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