Joe Biden Says US Won’t Send Ukrainian Rocket Systems That Can Reach Russia

Amid the aggressive approach of Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, US President Joe Biden said on Monday May 30 that he would not send rocket systems into Ukraine that could reach Russia. Speaking to reporters after returning to the White House after a weekend in Delaware, Biden said, “We’re not going to send rocket systems to Ukraine. ”

To the east, Russian forces closed in on the center of the city of Severodonetsk in eastern Ukraine. The city has been bombed for weeks. Luhansk Governor Sergiy Gaiday said on Telegram: “The Russians are advancing in the middle of Severodonetsk. The fighting continues. The situation is very difficult.”

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Importantly, Severodonetsk is the easternmost city still in Ukrainian hands. It was understood that capturing it would give Russia de facto control of Lugansk, one of the two eastern regions that make up the coveted Donbass.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly urged Western countries to provide advanced weapons to deal with Russia after it invaded Ukraine on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin in late February.

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Zelensky’s adviser, Mykhailo Podoliak, tweeted recently: “If the West really wants Ukraine victory, maybe it’s time to give us a long-range MLRS? It’s hard to fight when you is attacked from a distance of 70 km (43 miles) and we have nothing to fight with.”

Ukraine has received significant US military aid, but says it needs long-range rockets equivalent to those used by Moscow’s forces. Recently, the United States announced another $40 billion aid package amid speculation that it would include such weapons.

To counter Moscow, Kyiv asked the United States for mobile batteries for long-range rockets, the M270 MLRS and M142 Himars. They can launch multiple rockets at the same time with a range of up to 187 miles.


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