Jared Kushner says he warned Trump against Giuliani’s wild campaign plots

Jared Kushner became the latest member of Donald Trump’s inner circle to publicly break with him over the issue of 2020 voter fraud during testimony released Monday by the Jan. 6 commission.

In the video of his testimony, a panel investigator asked Mr. Kushner if he had ever shared his own personal beliefs about Rudy Giuliani, the president’s former lawyer and champion of his election lies, with Mr. Trump himself.

After an extremely long pause and a sigh, Mr. Kushner replied briefly, “I guess…yes.”

Asked by the investigator what he said to the president, the former senior White House adviser replied that it was “not the approach I would take, if I were you”.

It makes the second-highest White House official, behind his wife Ivanka, publicly refute Mr Trump’s embrace of Mr Giuliani and the wild conspiracies he and his legal team propagated after the 2020 election.

On Monday, committee members painted a picture showing how many people in Mr. Trump’s close orbit were actively rejecting the false allegations of voter and voter fraud that Mr. Giuliani and others were spreading. Mr Giuliani himself was reportedly drunk when he advised Mr Trump to declare victory on election night, witnesses say.

Mr. Giuliani, and others like Sidney Powell, have spread a wide range of savage and baseless claims about voting systems, machines used to record votes in constituencies and other issues throughout the fall and winter 2020. Mr. Giuliani would continue to humiliate himself publicly. with a bizarre press conference mistakenly organized at a landscaping company, and would make false claims in a number of interviews and speeches.

Ms Powell’s claims went even deeper into the conspiracy hole, leading her own lawyers to defend her in a libel suit claiming: “No reasonable person would conclude that [her] the statements were really statements of fact.

Justice Department officials testified on Monday and added that they had investigated numerous allegations regarding the election of Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Trump, all of which they found to be “false” or unprovable.

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