January 6 hearings – live: Committee releases footage of Loudermilk ‘tour’ from day before riot

‘The big lie was also the big rip-off’: January 6 committee hears Trump fraud allegations

As the Jan. 6 select committee hearings continue, the panel released footage of a tour given the day before the Capitol riot by Republican Congressman Barry Loudermilk — noting that “people participating in the tour photographed and recorded areas of the resort not usually of interest to tourists, including hallways, stairways and security checkpoints.

Mr. Loudermilk denies the visit provided an opportunity for “recognition” for his visitors, and a letter from Capitol Police released earlier this week said the force was not treating her as a suspect. However, committee footage also showed that one of Mr Loudermilk’s tour attendees witnessed the riot the next day and filmed himself threatening Democratic members of Congress.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump went on a rant claiming the committee was ignoring evidence that would support his false claim that the presidency was stolen from him through voter fraud.

“THEY CANNOT DEFEND THE FRAUD AND IRREGULARITIES THAT HAVE OCCURRED,” he wrote in all caps on Truth Social. “The Committee is a scam!”


Watch for the hearing on Thursday, January 6

It will follow an explosive primetime opening hosted by the panel last Thursday and a thrilling second installment on Monday morning.

Here’s what to watch out for:

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ICYMI: When are the next January 6 hearings?

After postponing today’s hearing, ostensibly to space out the sessions and give technical staff time to properly prepare for them, the January 6 panel clarified the schedule for its next events:

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Who is Barry Loudermilk and why did he circle the US Capitol on January 5, 2021?

In addition to being all of those things, 63-year-old Barry Loudermilk is now said to also be someone who led an “untypical” tour of the US Capitol on January 5, 2021.

Andrew Buncombe recounts how the Georgia lawmaker found himself at the center of the January 6 committee’s investigation.

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Trump brags about primaries on Truth Social

Fresh out of the final round of primaries last night, Donald Trump took to Truth Social to give his own version of what happened – and in particular the survival of Congresswoman Nancy Mace of the GOP who narrowly avoided a runoff in her South Carolina district despite the ex-president endorsing her challenger.

Katie Arrington was far behind but ran a great race and performed much better. Congratulations to Nancy Mace, who should easily be able to defeat her Democratic opponent!

The biggest news of the night so far is that Russell Fry defeated Impeach Master Tom Rice with a vote of over 51%, thus FULLY WINNING without needing a second round. Rice got only 24%. Congratulations to Russell for running a great campaign!

Every Trump-endorsed candidate won last night, by large margins, except for one very long shot that did MUCH better than expected against an incumbent. The “Impeacher” was ousted without even a second round. A GREAT night!

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Former Pence aide’s deposition set to be presented at Thursday’s hearing

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Thursday hearing to link pressure on Pence to Capitol riot and danger to VP’s life

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Mike Lindell tears up Bill Barr’s January 6 testimony

Mike Lindell, the managing director of MyPillow and a Donald Trump ally who continues to promote false claims that the 2020 election was stolen, has become a popular figure on the right, making regular appearances at rallies – and in right-wing shows like Steve Bannon Crisis unit podcast.

‘Bil Barr is an embarrassment to the United States of America,’ the pillow entrepreneur told Mr Bannon, in response to the shocking testimony the former attorney general provided to the House Select Committee on investigating the Capitol Riot, which was screened last week during the first public hearing.

“Our great President Donald Trump said ‘he was afraid of impeachment,'” Mr Lindell said, adding that Mr Barr’s testimony, in which he said the election was fair and without fraud, was “delusional”.

“Mr. Barr, you are either the most corrupt person in this country or the most delusional person that has ever walked the planet,” Mr. Lindell concluded.

Watch the full clip below:

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Opinion: Those of us who admire Joe Biden know he shouldn’t run in 2024

Benoit Cosgrove writes:

Joe Biden is 79 years old. On Election Day 2024, he will be weeks away from turning 82. It’s no wonder, then, that every verbal gaffe by the president, every stumble on the stairs of Air Force One, every abrupt interaction with reporters is analyzed and scrutinized – by detractors and supporters alike – through the unforgiving prism of the age.

And with the prospect of Democrats losing control of the House and Senate in November, the conversation about the president’s faculties has taken on a decidedly more urgent tone. A recent New York Times headline captures the unease: “Should Biden run in 2024? Democratic whispers of “no” are beginning to mount. »

But why whisper? Those of us who admire the president should shout from the rooftops a simple and unequivocal warning: Don’t run, Joe!

Olivier O’ConnellJune 15, 2022 9:20 p.m.


Donald Trump Jr asks for more money from his supporters

Even after the Jan. 6 committee detailed how the Trump operation solicited $250 million from supporters after the 2020 election and then failed to spend it as promised, the ex-president sent a appealing for new donations linked to her dad’s birthday yesterday – offering supporters the chance to sign a ‘birthday card’, but only if they cough first.

Some Trump supporters would be appalled to learn that Trump’s young partner, disgraced ex-Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, was paid $60,000 to speak for less than three minutes at the Jan. 6 rally outside the House. White. Gustaf Kilander has more.

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Loudermilk claims his Jan. 5 guests took pictures of ‘toy trains’ and a ‘golden eagle applique’

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