January 6 committee focuses on Trump’s role in voter replacement plan

“We will show evidence of the president’s involvement in this scheme. We will also, once again, show evidence of what his own attorneys have come to think of this scheme,” Schiff said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “And we will show brave state officials who have stood up and said they will not agree to this plan to recall legislatures in session or decertify the results for Joe Biden. The system held because many state and local election officials upheld their oath to the Constitution. Many of them are both Republicans and Democrats.

In the end, no voters were replaced and Democratic nominee Biden was certified as the winner with 306 electoral votes.

Last week, the committee uncovered evidence that painted a picture of the pressure campaign Pence faces to block Biden’s electoral votes, giving Republican-controlled state legislatures enough time to pass a slate of pro-Trump voters. The committee concluded the hearing with the presentation of an email showing attorney John Eastman asking Rudy Giuliani to put him on Trump’s pardon list. Although he was never granted a pardon, the committee looked at the swap as a key piece of evidence it says suggests the former president and Eastman committed a criminal conspiracy to keep Trump in power. power.

Eastman’s request for clemency follows a month-long attempt to enlist Pence in the effort, which a federal judge called a “coup in search of legal theory.”

Schiff declined to say Sunday whether the committee will reveal evidence that Trump led the plan.

“I don’t want to get ahead of our audience. We will show during the hearing what the president’s role was in trying to get the states to name alternative electoral rolls, how that scheme depended, initially, on the hope that the legislatures would reconvene, and the would bless. They don’t and they continued anyway,” Schiff said.

As the committee continues the public side of its work, it continues to seek information from sources such as Virginia Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. The committee obtained communications between Virginia Thomas, known as Ginni, and Eastman, and called her to testify last week.

“We want to know what she knows, what was her involvement in this plot to overturn the election. She said she was willing to come forward to testify voluntarily. We are happy to hear that,” Schiff said. .

And though the committee has so far resisted Pence’s subpoena, Schiff said Sunday that no witnesses were “off the table.”

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