Jair Bolsonaro and Joe Biden reaffirm the “strategic importance” of relations between Brazil and the United States

Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro said the United States and Brazil should seek closer ties as the two countries separated for ideological reasons. The comments were made during Bolsonaro’s first official meeting with his US counterpart Joe Biden on Thursday. The two leaders met on the sidelines of the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles to reaffirm the strategic importance of the relationship between the United States and Brazil.

Bolsonaro said: “We have a huge interest in getting closer and closer to the United States. Sometimes we have moved away because of ideological problems. ‘ve never had more opportunities because of the affinities that our governments have.

After the meeting, the White House said the partnership between the United States and Brazil is vital to international efforts to address the climate crisis and secure peace.

Biden and Bolsonaro also agreed to work together to prevent further deforestation of the Amazon and also agreed to coordinate at the United Nations Security Council on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

The meeting was crucial even though Bolsonaro, a populist and admirer of former President Donald Trump, and Biden appeared to avoid eye contact while listening to each other through a translator.

Recently, questions have been raised about the propriety of the meeting as Bolsonaro praised Trump on Tuesday and even called Biden’s election “suspicious.”

The meeting appeared to be a step forward in US-Brazilian relations, as the leaders pledged to continue their ongoing collaboration on trade and commerce issues.

Bolsonaro also complained to Biden about international pressure on the Amazon. “We have a wealth in the heart of Brazil – our Amazon, which is larger than Western Europe, with incalculable wealth, biodiversity, mineral wealth, drinking water and oxygen sources,” said said Bolsonaro.

“Sometimes we feel that our sovereignty is threatened in this area but Brazil preserves its territory well. On the environmental issue, we have our difficulties but we do our best to defend our interests,” he added.


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