In the legislative elections, French President Emmanuel Macron loses the majority in parliament

In a huge shock, French President Emmanuel Macron lost an absolute majority in the National Assembly in legislative elections on Sunday. The loss of control of the National Assembly is a major setback as it can plunge the nation into political paralysis. Now Macron must gain support from other parties and build a stable alliance. In the near-final results, a left-wing alliance emerged as the largest opposition group. The far right has enjoyed record victories while the conservatives seem to have become kingmakers. The election result was a “democratic shock”, said Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire. He added that if the other blocs do not cooperate, “it would block our ability to reform and protect the French”.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said: “The result is a risk for our country in view of the challenges we have to face”. From Monday, Macron’s camp will work to seek alliances, the leader added. In the event of a stalemate, the president can also call an early election. “The rout of the presidential party is complete and there is no clear majority in sight,” hard-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon told supporters.

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In addition, far-right leader Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party increased the number of deputies tenfold. It will get around 90 to 95 seats according to initial projections from OpinionWay, pollsters Ifop, Elabe and Ipsos.

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Macron’s Ensemble alliance appears to have won around 230-250 seats, the left-wing Nupes alliance won 141-175 and Les Républicains won 60-75. For an absolute majority, at least 289 seats are needed in the lower house.

“There are moderates on the benches, on the right, on the left. There are moderate socialists and there are people on the right who, perhaps, on legislation, will be on our side,” the door said. -Government spokesperson Olivia Grégoire.

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