‘I wish I could be a man’: China’s Zheng Qinwen dejected after menstrual cramps derailed her French Open campaign

Zheng Qinwen was completely disappointed and felt she could have done a lot more than she managed on the court against world No. 1 Iga Swiatek at Roland Garros 2022 on Monday. Quinwen was facing arguably the best female tennis player in the world right now in the fourth round of French Open and the Chinese teenager was aiming to give it her all to create a massive upset. However, it wasn’t meant to be as she was suffering from period cramps which derailed her bid to fight the world No. 1.

Qinwen started well and took the first set over Swiatek as she was about to set up a huge upset in Paris. The Chinese teenager won the first set in a tie-break before suffering from cramps. The Chinese star had to opt for a medical stoppage in the middle of the second set when they trailed 3-0 against Swiatek.

Quinwen revealed she didn’t feel the pain in the first set, but the cramps became unbearable in the second set. She was spotted having her back massaged by medical support staff before leaving for the locker room and returning with her right thigh tied.

However, Swiatek had taken control of the game by then and was in his rhythm. The Polish world number one wasted no time winning the second set 6-0 before winning the deciding third set 6-2 to end Qinwen’s campaign at Roland Garros 2022.

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Disappointed after being denied a chance to play due to menstrual cramps, the Chinese star has revealed she was experiencing a lot of stomach pain and wished she could be a man on the pitch.

“Yeah, the leg was also hard. Compared to the stomach, it was easy… I can’t play tennis, (my) stomach was too sore,” Quinwen told reporters.

“It’s just girl stuff, you know. The first day is always so hard and then I have to play sports and I’m always in so much pain on the first day. And I couldn’t go against my nature. I I wish I could be a man on the court, but I can’t at this time…I really wish I could be (a) man (to) not have to suffer from that,” she said. added.

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The 19-year-old is currently ranked 70th in the world and has been impressive at a young age. She made her Grand Slam debut at the Australian Open earlier this year and there has been no looking back since for the Chinese teenager. Quinwen said she enjoyed playing against world No. 1 Swiatek, but would have liked to run better and play with more intensity without the cramps.

“If I don’t talk about today, I’m happy with my performance (on) this run. And playing against the world number one, I felt I really enjoyed (that) on the pitch” , Quinwen said.

“If I don’t have a stomach (pain), I think I could enjoy it more, like to run better and hit harder, give more effort on the court. It’s a shame I can’t give what I want to give today. I just want (that) the next time I play against her, I (be) in perfect shape”, she added.

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