‘I want to go home’: Liverpool fan devastated after brother’s disappearance in UCL final mayhem – WATCH

Liverpool fans were left dejected and shaken after horrific scenes outside the Stade de France ahead of the Champions League final between the Reds and Real Madrid. Thousands of Liverpool fans had traveled to Paris from England to watch their club take on the La Liga giants in a bid to win their seventh Champions League/European Cup title. However, many of them found themselves stranded outside the Paris stadium after chaos broke out minutes before kick-off.

The start of the final was initially delayed by 15 minutes due to chaos outside the stadium. However, the match had to be delayed once again due to a mismanaged entry process and hundreds of fans with fake tickets trying to enter the stadium. There were some chaotic scenes apart from the ending attributed to Liverpool fans.

French riot police had to be called in to take control of the situation. According to reports, the police were seen using pepper spray and tear gas against Liverpool fans. Many Liverpool fans feared for their safety as they remained trapped outside in the dying minutes of kick-off.

Some genuine ticket holders were also denied the chance to enter the stadium due to the chaos. Although there have been reports of pepper spray being used even against children, one Liverpool fan was left shattered after his brother disappeared during the chaos.

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The Liverpool fan had come to watch the final with his brother but no longer wanted to enter the stadium after being separated from him. “I’m in a European Cup final which is one of the greatest moments of your life – come to a European Cup final. I came here with my brother and I lost my brother. I don’t know where he is and I don’t know if I’ll see him again,” he said in a video shared by a reporter on Twitter.

“I was standing there (the gates), it’s a huge crowd, it’s like Hillsborough. I was almost in tears walking in here and I don’t want to watch this European Cup final now. I I just want to go home. I haven’t seen my brother, I don’t know when I’m going to see him again,” the fan added almost on the verge of breaking down.


Another Liverpool fan, who traveled to Paris to watch the final with his nine-year-old son, revealed his son was horrified by the chaos outside the stadium and was crying his eyes out. The fan said that the French police were brutal on the fans, which made his son tremble.

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“I’m not very good,” Reds supporter Nick said after the game. I am with my nine year old son. He saw tear gas being used against the fans, we were there two hours before the game,” the supporter told Talksport.

“The police kicked off, he was physically shaking with fear. He’s nine years old and I can’t stop him from shaking. He’s crying,” he continued, bursting into tears.

Liverpool lost the final to Real Madrid 1-0 after Vinicius Junior’s second-half goal proved to be the difference between the two teams. It was a thrilling contest between the two European giants, but the final was marred by controversy and shock away from the stadium.