‘I smeared a classmate’s blood and played dead’: Survivors of Texas school shooting remember terrible day

When the 18-year-old shooter wandered around Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, firing bullets at innocent children and teachers, 11-year-old Miah Cerrillo was shaking with fear, like anyone else. She saw her classmates and teachers being slaughtered one by one.

Fearing that the shooter was now coming to claim her blood, Miah saw her friend’s blood on the floor and immediately smeared it all over her body to pretend she was dead in case the shooter returned from the classroom. neighbor. She made it out alive, but was injured.

Days after the horrific shooting at an elementary school, several survivors come forward to share their painful stories of how things unfolded that day.

Speaking to CNN, Cerrillo said she and her classmates were watching the movie “Lilo and Stitch” in a classroom shared by two teachers, Eva Mireles and Irma Garcia. The students had finished their lessons when teachers heard gunshots in the building.

A teacher went to lock the door, but Miah says the shooter was already there – and fired through the door window.

She said it all happened so fast – her teacher backed into the classroom and the shooter followed. She told CNN he made eye contact with one of the teachers and said “Goodnight” to them before killing her.

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Paramedic Angel Garza arrived at the scene of Robb’s elementary school and found his stepdaughter, Amerie Jo, was among those who died. He learned the news from Amerie’s best friend, who told him that the blood she was covered in belonged to her stepdaughter.

A Robb Elementary teacher who did not provide her name to NBC News immediately ran to lock her classroom door when she heard gunshots in the hallway. She said her students had practiced active fire drills for years.

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She said, “They knew it wasn’t a drill. We knew we had to be quiet, otherwise we would betray ourselves. The teacher called the 35-minute test the longest of her life.

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Edward Timothy, a second-grader at Robb Elementary School, described the sound of the shot to CNN as “a burst…a bit like fireworks.”

The mother of a third-grader told Motherly, “I don’t want my son to go to school in America anymore.”

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