Husband killer author of ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ is sentenced to life in prison

Life imitates art but sometimes in a way that makes us say “No!” and run away. Artistic freedom can give an author space for their thoughts, but if it becomes a model for a real-world crime, it’s time to catch the criminal. An author in the United States who wrote “How to Murder Your Husband” and who killed her real husband received a kind of poetic justice and was sentenced to life in prison.

Nancy Crampton Brophy (71), the convict, will not even be eligible for the first 25 years of her prison sentence. A judge in the state of Oregon, in the northwestern United States, sentenced the author.

The trial lasted a month. During the trial, it was heard that the author used a gun (bought on eBay) to kill her husband Daniel Brophy to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in life insurance.

The weapon was purchased by Nancy Crampton Brophy as research for her new novel. The weapon was not found.

Chef Daniel Brophy, her husband, was found on the floor of a classroom at a now defunct culinary institute where he worked, in June 2018. He had been shot twice. His wife was seen driving in the area in CCTV video at the time of the murder.

The author has written a series of novels called “Wrong Never Felt So Right”. Some of the novels in this series include “The Wrong Husband” and “The Wrong Lover”.

Nancy Crampton Brophy claimed she had no recollection of being present at the crime seen. About the CCTV footage, she said she would have been around the neighborhood looking for inspiration for a new work of fiction.

Crampton Brophy, whose lawyers said last month they would appeal the verdict, has denied the killing, insisting years of financial struggle were behind the couple and she had no reason to kill her husband.

“Where’s the motivation? I’d ask you,” Crampton Brophy said as she sparred with the prosecutor during her trial.

“An editor would laugh and say, ‘I think you need to work harder on this story, you’ve got a big hole in it. “”

Her blog post “How to Kill Your Husband”, which is still available online, discusses methods and motivations for sending an unwanted spouse.

These include financial gain and the use of a gun, although guns are noted to be “noisy, messy, require some skill”.

“But what I do know about murder is that each of us has it in us when pushed far enough,” the essay says.

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