Hillary Clinton uses Trump’s own tweets against him in lawsuit over whether he was ‘Putin’s puppet’

Former 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the 20 other named defendants in a bizarre lawsuit brought by former President Donald Trump have asked a judge to dismiss the case because they argue too many time has passed for Mr. Trump to pursue them.

Mr. Trump’s lawsuit, filed in March against Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, her former campaign manager, the ex-MI6 agent who compiled a dossier of allegations about his dealings with the Russian government, and a multitude of other personalities linked to the FBI investigation led by ex-special counsel Robert Mueller. He alleged that they had all played a role in an “unthinkable conspiracy” by “maliciously” conspiring to “weave a false narrative that [Mr Trump] was in collusion with a hostile foreign sovereignty”.

The former president has accused Clinton and her co-defendants of using ‘opposition research’ to ‘inflict public trust’ against Mr Trump and asked a court to award damages greater than $24 million, which he claimed was the total. amount of his legal fees accrued during the lengthy Mueller investigation.

But in a motion to dismiss filed Thursday, the 21 co-defendants asked that the case be dismissed with prejudice – meaning it could not be refiled – because each of Mr Trump’s claims are “hopelessly outdated ‘ and each one ‘fails’. on the merits in multiple independent respects”.

“However useful Plaintiff’s Amended Complaint may be as a fundraising tool, a press release, or a list of political grievances, it has no merit as a lawsuit,” they said.

They also explained that the “gravamen” of Mr. Trump’s claims relate to events that allegedly occurred in 2015, 2016 and 2016, which puts them long past the five-year statute of limitations during which he could have bring an action. Noting a series of tweets from Mr Trump referring to the events in question, they said he waited “four years, four months and twenty-four days before filing charges”.

“His delay makes each of these claims premature,” they added.

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