“GoodWill” ransomware: how it tricks victims with an unusual request

According to researchers, a new ransomware has emerged that allegedly tricked victims into donating to social causes.

What is “GoodWill” ransomware?

The researchers said the ransomware makes “unusual demands” in exchange for the decryption key, as it forces users to perform “three socially oriented activities” in order to download the decryption key.

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It was discovered in March this year and is known to encrypt documents, photos, videos and databases after infecting the files. Files become inaccessible without the decryption key and then it asks the victim to perform social activities.

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What does he want ?

“GoodWill” ransomware asks victim to donate new clothes to homeless people and post them on social media. It also asks the user to take less fortunate kids to a pizza corner and post them online. It also requires financial assistance for those in need of medical care.

He also reportedly asked the victim to write a note about how the experience changed her and post it on social media.

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