Get ready for a “heavenly treat” as 5 planets align. You don’t need any equipment to see it. here’s how

For the first time in 18 years, five planets will line up in order based on their distance from the Sun and can be spotted with the naked eye. Astronomers are gearing up for this amazing celestial treat. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will line up for early risers on June 3-4. According to the Guardian, while it is not uncommon to see two or three planets close together, the five visible to the naked eye have not appeared in sequence since December 2004 when viewed from the northern hemisphere.

Speaking to the Guardian, Professor Beth Biller, personal chair in exoplanet characterization at the University of Edinburgh’s Institute of Astronomy, called it “really cool”.

She said it was a unique chance to see the same closer to home, with all five ‘naked-eye’ planets in our solar system visible at once.

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All five planets will rise above the horizon in the early hours of Friday. Mercury will be weakest and very close to the horizon, but is expected to disappear in sunlight.

“Your only chance to see all five planets at once is during a very narrow window after Mercury has risen but before the sun has risen,” Dr Greg Brown of the Royal Museums Greenwich told The Guardian.

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He said Venus and Jupiter will be easiest to see, with Venus visible around 4 a.m. GMT and Mars with Jupiter appearing on the horizon from about 2:45 a.m. GMT.

Saturn will rise above the horizon around 01:30 GMT but become difficult to see at dusk.

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