Germany downplays expectations of Sweden and Finland for NATO bid: report

Germany on Monday played down expectations that next week’s NATO summit would take a concrete decision on Finland and Sweden’s membership, but stressed that a deal was in sight.

“I think it’s about managing expectations and putting this into historical context,” a senior German government source said.

“And given the historical dimension, it would not be a disaster if we needed a few more weeks” to find an agreement, added the source.

“We are confident, very confident that a solution can be found that takes into account the interests of both parties.”

The official was quoted by AFP.

NATO originally expected membership bids from Finland and Sweden to be quickly accepted at a time when the alliance is keen to show a united front against Russia.

But last-minute resistance from Turkey derailed them.

Ankara has accused Finland and Sweden of providing havens for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), banned by Turkey and its Western allies.

Ankara has also demanded that they lift their arms freeze against Turkey.

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