Father’s Day Gift Guide: Rums

National Rum Day doesn’t arrive until August 16th, but if your dad loves rum, why not celebrate it a few months earlier on Father’s Day? Here’s a roundup of some delicious rums to gift your dad.

The Rum Cooperative Volume 3, $43.99

Boston’s Bully Boy Distillers love rum and take the art of blending rum seriously. For their latest release, Volume 3, they blend 12-year-old rums from the Dominican Republic, Panama, Barbados and Brazil. Their goal, as always, is to blend them in such a way that each rum complements and lifts so that the blend is on top.

Papa’s Pilar dark rum, $44.99,

If your dad is a bookworm, sailing enthusiast or Ernest Hemingway fan, why not gift him a premium rum inspired by this rum-loving author himself? The rum is named after Papa Hemingway and his yacht, the Pilar. Made from hand-selected rums blended in bourbon casks, port casks and sherry wine casks, this rum is delicious and complex like the man himself.

Holmes Cay Barbados 2012 Port Cask, $99

Only five casks of this gold medal winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition were released nationwide this year. If your dad is a bourbon fan, then he’ll probably swoon for this rum, which first aged for eight years in Barbados and then finished for a year in port casks in New York. Its rarity makes it a gift worth giving.

Rum Don Papa 7 years, $40

Distilled from some of the finest cane in the world, Don Papa is a premium aged rum from the Philippines. Aged in oak barrels at the foot of an active volcano, Mount Kanlaon, this rum is an absolutely distinctive gift for your dad.

Candela Mamajuana Spiced Rum, $31.99

Made with Dominican rum, spices and a little honey, a bottle of Candela Mamajuana is sure to surprise your dad. Mamajuana is one of the most traditional drinks in the Dominican Republic, and Candela is one of the only Mamajuanas available outside the country. Serve it neat, over ice, or mixed with one of your dad’s favorite rum cocktails.

Barbancourt Estate Reserve 15-year-old rum, $55,

This sweet and powerful rum is from Haiti and undergoes a very specific type of aging, through three different types of oak barrels. If your dad prefers a sipping rum, this sleek, nimble rum could make a very, very fitting gift.

BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho, $29.99

BACARDÍ Reserve Ocho, as its name suggests, is made from a special selection of rums aged for at least eight years in barrels. This rare, velvety golden rum is one of the world’s oldest private rum blends, and is best enjoyed neat, over ice, or old-fashioned.

SelvaRey white rum, $35.99

Looking for an unexpected but aged rum? SelvaRey’s White Rum is a sweet rum aged for three years, which gives it a rich flavor, but is charcoal filtered to remove the color. Owned by Bruno Mars, this sustainably produced single estate rum has been awarded the highest marks for a white rum by The Tasting Panel.

Matusalem Gran Reserva 15, $24.99

This dark rum is the flagship product of Ron Matusalem, a rum brand born in Cuba in 1872. Today, this rum is made with its centuries-old recipe in a solara aging system in the Dominican Republic.

Old Line Aged Caribbean Rum Single Malt Finished on tap, $35

Old Line Spirits founders Mark McLaughlin and Arch Watkins met in the Navy flying EA-6B Prowlers before later founding their craft distillery in Baltimore. The two set aside a small amount of their aged Caribbean rum to finish mellowing in their single malt whiskey casks, creating the perfect rum for whiskey drinkers.

Dos Maderas 5+5 triple aged rum, $44.99

A blend of 5-year-old Bajon rums and 5-year-old Guyanese rum rest for a further three years in barrels that previously contained 20-year-old Palo Cortado sherry, then aged another two years in cakes that previously contained 20-year-old Pedro Ximenez sherry . This dark Spanish rum is so good your dad might even want to do flamenco.

Bespoken Spirits dark rum, $48.99

The founders of Bespoken Spirits use artisanal maturation and sustainable practices to precisely tailor the aroma, color and taste of each of their spirits, including their dark rum, which has won several gold awards, including the most reluctant to participate in the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco in 2022.

Barceló organic rum, $24.50

This limited production rum is made from fresh sugar cane juice from some of the oldest and wildest fields in the Dominican Republic. Aged in select oak staves without prior use, this rum is long-lasting and delicious, perfect for the environmentally conscious dad.

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