Famed ‘Fauda’ director Rotem Shamir featured in Ajay Kapoor’s upcoming ‘Garud’

Earlier, filmmakers Ajay Kapoor and Subhash Kale announced their ambitious “Garud” project, scaled up to present the heartwarming story inspired by the real events of the Afghan rescue crisis. Today, Ajay Kapoor signed international director Rotem Shamir, known for his globally acclaimed hits like ‘Fauda’, ‘Hit and Run’ and ‘Hostages’, among others, for the big-budget project, making his film debut. Indian.

The makers announced the project earlier with an animated poster that caught the public’s attention, offering a glimpse of the patriotic film.

Inspired by real events, “Garud” presents a fictional depiction of the rescue mission in Afghanistan, based on the story of an ITBP officer and his special forces team.

Mounted on a massive scale, filmmaking duo Ajay Kapoor and Subhash Kale crafted the best treatment for the ambitious film and, as a result, put together the best team possible.

Taking the first step towards the visionary goal, Ajay Kapoor has brought in international director Rotem Shamir, for his first Indian project.

Garud movie poster

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Announcing the director, Ajay Kapoor shares, “‘Garud’ is a huge project for me, I’m emotionally driven by the film and want to give it the best possible treatment. Rotem Shamir is a renowned filmmaker and has a wealth of experience in the sensibilities we are looking for ‘Garud.’ Rotem Shamir and I are planning various projects together as a team. Being from Israel and having done a show about hostage conditions, the understanding and vision he has will definitely help us. We wanted someone to grasp the emotional quotient as well as to cater to international sensitivities as the subject matter has universal appeal.”

Subhash Kale shares, “From the beginning, we worked to put together the best possible team for ‘Garud’. We’re tapping into all avenues, and I’m really looking forward to this project.”

Rotem Shamir said: “‘Garud’ is a very exciting film, although it focuses on the Indian side of the story, it has a universal appeal that promises to connect with people everywhere. I have been fascinated by the content of the Indian entertainment industry for a long time so when Ajay Kapoor brought me this film I knew I had to take it in. Especially looking forward to working with Ajay Kapoor who has been associated with so many varied movies, I’m really excited for the long term association with Ajay Kapoor.

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Having supported films like ‘Parmanu’ (2018) Pari (2018), ‘Bazaar’ (2018), ‘Pataakha’ (2018), ‘Romeo Akbar Walter’ (2019) ‘Attack’ (2022) ‘Roy’ (2015) as well as being associated with ‘Baby’ (2015) and ‘Airlift’ (2016) and many more. Ajay Kapoor returns to the same area with his next film ‘Garud’ and collaborates with Subhash Kale.

Offering a preview of the film, the animated poster featured the theme song “Mera Bharat Hai Mahaan,” composed by Ravi Basrur, who also composed the background music for the film.

Produced by Ajay Kapoor and Subhash Kale under the banners of Ajay Kapoor Productions and Vikrant Studio, Garud is expected to announce the film’s cast soon.