Exclusive: Sonali Bendre opens up about her battle with cancer, her return to acting and more!

Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre, known for movies like ‘Sarfarosh’, ‘Hum Sath Sath Hai’, made an acting comeback with Zee5’s original series ‘The Broken News’. Bendre, who was diagnosed with metastatic cancer in 2018, took a break from acting when she moved to New York for treatment, but the actress shared her difficult journey with her fans and followers. until she defeats him and makes a brilliant comeback.

Since then, Bendre has spoken widely about the ordeal of the disease and is an inspiration to many people with cancer.

In a candid chat with WION, Sonali Bendre opened up about how things have changed in the film industry and how she feels like a newcomer. Expressing her excitement for her OTT debut, Sonali said, “I’m very nervous about it.”

For Sonali, the mantra of living after beating cancer has been “one step at a time”. “Simple things are the best ideal mantras in life because they are lasting and you can carry on with them,” the actress adds.

“2018 taught me that simple things matter.”

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Being diagnosed with cancer was “shocking,” adds Bendre, “The fact that I was diagnosed with cancer and going through all of this, but now looking back, all those years of acting in movies, I never thought I was so loved.”

The 47-year-old actress went on to explain how cameras and the film industry have changed from what they were in the 90s. She said: “The techniques have changed so much, the cameras are different now.”

“In our day, cameras were huge things, and you knew cameras were on. They made sound. We used to rehearse more for films that were expensive so there was little waste. Now there are digital cameras. You can film as much as you can.”

“Directors shoot from all angles.” “A scene is shot from 5 to 6 angles, which has never happened in our time,” she added.

Talking about the evolution of techniques, Sonali says that cameras have become smaller and there are different types of gadgets. Previously, when the cameras moved, it was a crane or a cart. The process on the film sets was huge.”

“There are these little cameras suddenly sneaking up on you. It just kind of puts you off. So, I didn’t feel like an experienced person, I felt like a newcomer.”

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With a wide smile on her face, beautiful Sonali explains how her hair has become shorter and easier to style. “My hair hasn’t been this long in a while, so I felt a little strange. So you see, I was so used to this long hair and suddenly there was no hair. It was so strange to me. And look at me. I’m so used to short hair that I find long hair irritating, she said.

“So you see how we adapt, that’s the human being for you.”

Watch the full interview here:-

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