Exclusive — Ads Hammer Anti-Trump Jim Lamon’s China Ties

A pair of blunt ads have aired on television in Arizona exposing the Chinese business ties of businessman Jim Lamon, who is running for the US Senate in the GOP primary against the former’s pick President Donald Trump, Blake Masters.

The first, from a group called Crypto Freedom PAC, slams Lamon for “running a group backed by Obama’s green energy loans” and then founding a “new venture in partnership with Chinese-controlled solar companies.”
Lamon’s “profits,” the ad says, were “fueled by a communist red sun.”

“Among Lamon’s connections?” A missile manufacturer for the Trump-sanctioned Red Army, a patriot protecting America from betrayal profiteers like Jim Lamon,” the ad’s narrator continues.

The purchase of this commercial, sources familiar with it told Breitbart News, represents approximately $800,000 in television spending.

The second commercial, from the pro-Masters Super PAC, called Saving Arizona PAC, has a gong that is struck every few seconds and a narrator that says Lamon is “China’s candidate”.

“Lamon’s company imports its supplies from China,” says the narrator. “He helped build nuclear power plants for the Chinese government, associated with forced slave labor, and uses the money he earned in China to run for office in Arizona. Jim Lamon, he would be China’s man in the Senate, not ours.

The second ad is airing in Arizona with a six-figure average buy, sources familiar with Breitbart News told.

Lamon had a meltdown when Trump endorsed Masters over him, and now that his deep China business ties are coming out, Masters continues to rise in the polls – the latest poll in the race has Masters with a clear lead over the rest of the field. . Lamon’s collapse was so severe that former Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell withdrew his support for Lamon afterwards, a huge loss for Lamon’s campaign.

Expect more and more to continue talking about Lamon’s ties to China.

The winner of the upcoming Aug. 2 primary will face Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) in November’s midterm elections in Arizona.

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