Exclusive | Academy voter Carter Pilcher loves Ranveer Singh’s acting and shares this Oscar mantra

Carter Pilcher, a veteran member of the Oscar and BAFTA voting committees, had recently traveled to India to attend the prestigious Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF). At the festival, Pilcher, who is known for his love of cinema and also retains an in-depth knowledge of short films and documentaries, gave a masterclass to all cinephiles and filmmakers on how they can make an Oscar-worthy film. .

India, one of the largest film producers in the world, is known for creating films of various genres which are loved by audiences all over the world. Yet when it comes to the Oscars, Cannes and BAFTAs, Indian films barely find a mention. So what is missing in Indian cinema that is not up to par?

During an exclusive interview with WION, Carter shared her MIFF experience and tips for enthusiastic Indian filmmakers with OSCAR dreams and what they can do to get their films recognized on international platforms.

Here are excerpts from the interview

1. How was your MIFF experience?

MIFF is a unique festival in Asia – it is one of the oldest and most extensive documentary festivals and also includes a very strong international and domestic short film programme. There were many filmmakers here from all over India and the world, and I especially enjoyed hearing about and seeing their films.

2. At the film festival, you presented a master class on “What does it take to qualify a film for the Oscars”. Tell us more.

I had the pleasure of presenting a masterclass on “What it takes to qualify a film for the Oscars”, which is something – after 17 years of releasing the Oscar-nominated short in theaters every year. from around the world a few weeks before the Oscars – one becomes intimately familiar with! Short films are exceptionally relevant. The best directors and some of the best stories start with shorts.

3. A message for Indian filmmakers who dream of OSCAR?

I think there are two key messages – one for filmmakers is to make sure that (especially in a short) you’re making the best, most passionate story possible. The second was that it has been difficult for an Indian film to qualify as there are only two accredited festivals in India, but the Academy wants to see more of the best Indian short films and we are working closely with MIFF and other festivals to ensure more films have the chance to compete.

4. What future does Indian cinema hold in the eyes of international audiences?

It’s an exciting time for Indian cinema, it’s no longer dominated by the traditional Bollywood model, but real stories that transcend cultural boundaries are emerging. It is an incredible step forward. Over the next five years, these shifts in film culture should begin to produce some amazing new films. The world is waiting….!

5. An Indian movie you watched recently and liked?

’83’ – with Ranveer Singh talking about winning the Cricket World Cup in 1983. It’s so much fun, the man overcomes all odds and it’s true. Also, I like Ranveer Singh and I think he brings all of his characters to life.

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