Europe reels from high fuel prices; protests in Poland

Petrol and diesel prices soared in the UK, including Europe, amid the war in Ukraine, as British car group RAC called it a “really dark day”.

Boris Johnson’s government said the surge was mainly due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, even as the RAC called on the government to cut sales tax on petrol and diesel.

Petrol now costs 182.31p per liter and diesel 188.05p per liter in the UK. The situation worsened after President Putin declared war on Ukraine in February, as Western countries moved to boycott Russian oil.

The US had announced a total ban on Russian oil imports as the UK and EU sought to end dependence on Russian energy supplies even as oil prices petrol fluctuated with less fuel on the market due to the Russian boycott.

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Amid soaring petrol prices, UK annual inflation hit its highest level in 30 years last month.

Reports claim motorists in the Netherlands are heading to Germany to refuel as it is cheaper to take advantage of open borders as car travelers face a bleak summer as they would have increasingly difficult to drive due to soaring fuel prices.

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Reports claim there are more than 246 million cars in the EU, with Germany, France and Italy topping the number of car owners among families, with fuel prices becoming a hot issue for political parties across the continent.

There have been protests in Poland this week as fuel prices hit a new high. Reports claimed that motorists had blocked a state-owned gas station.

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