‘Endangering people’s lives’: McCarthy hits out at Pelosi for blocking bill after would-be killer comes for Kavanaugh

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has railed against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for repeatedly blocking a bipartisan security bill to extend security to Supreme Court justices.

House Democrats blocked the Supreme Court’s Parity Policing Act, sponsored by Republican Texas Sen. John Cornyn and Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coons, to provide round-the-clock security protection for judges and their families following the leak of the Majority Opinion Project which was allegedly set to overthrow Roe v. Wade. The bill was passed unanimously by the Senate on May 9.

McCarthy called for a House vote on the bill for the third time in a week after the attempted assassination of Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“But at the same time that you’re protecting the Capitol, you’re holding a bill to deny protection to these justices,” McCarthy said. “It makes me wonder why. Why if 100 senators approve it, would it stand here for an entire month? Why even after detaining him for a month, someone is traveling across the country with one thing in mind: kill a Supreme Court justice, get arrested. And yet, the Speaker of the House will not introduce this bill.

“I don’t understand that. I don’t understand why we would risk that,” McCarthy continued. but something could happen to the Supreme Court this week, you won’t protect those justices.”

The Minority Leader slammed Pelosi for claiming the judges were “protected” when pressed by a reporter at a news conference on Thursday.

“How can you make that statement the same week someone is arrested in your neighborhood trying to kill you?” he said. “It makes no sense. If for some reason we keep speaking up, you feel some pressure on this bill, but you change it, the country will know why. Because if you amend the bill and send it back to the Senate, you are trying to kill it, you are trying to delay it, and that is exactly what you are doing. (RELATED: McConnell, Senate Republicans blame ‘messy’ rhetoric for trying to attack Kavanaugh)

“If you want to play ping pong and delay the process, I think that’s not right,” he continued. “I think you are endangering people’s lives. I think you are jeopardizing the security of the Supreme Court and I think you are playing more games than anyone in this country can understand and we don’t understand why. There was no clear answer. Why would you hold the invoice longer than a month? Why would you hold back the bill after someone was arrested for traveling across the country to kill a judge? Why would you keep holding the bill now? »

He said there was “no excuse” to hold up the bill and accused Democrats of wanting it to fail.

Nicholas Roske, 26, was arrested and charged with attempted murder on Wednesday after allegedly carrying at least one firearm and burglary tools down the street from Kavanaugh’s home in Montgomery County, Maryland, at 1 a.m. 50. He reportedly admitted to authorities that he intended to kill justice.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Republican of Texas Senator Ted Cruz and other GOP senators called in the House to pass the bill following the assassination attempt.

“House Democrats need to pass this bill and they need to do it today,” McConnell said. “No more messing with this, they need to get it through today. They need to end their weeks-long blockade of the Supreme Court security bill and pass it before the sun goes down. today.

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