Donald Trump ‘would like anything’, new book quotes former White House strategist

Former United States President Donald Trump has been the subject of a number of books published in the recent past, and each time new information has been revealed about his tenure in the White House. From his stance on the Black Lives Matter movement to the Capitol Hill riots, the books have provided insight into his personality and opinions. Now, a new book claims that former White House strategist and major Trump ally Steve Bannon told his aides that the former president lied from time to time “in order to win any trade that ‘he [is] have at that time”.

“Trump would say anything, he would lie about anything,” Brennan said in the book.

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The claim was made by Jonathan Lemire — Politico’s White House bureau chief and MSNBC host — in his new book, “The Big Lie: Election Chaos, Political Opportunism, and the State of American Politics After 2020.” According to its website, the book will hit shelves on July 26.

Brennon’s quotes, as written in the book according to The Guardian, are completely at odds with claims made by him in a 2018 interview. During an interview with ABC News, Bannon said Trump always says the truth and that people were trying to “demonize” him.

However, Lemire wrote in his book – “even for Bannon, Trump was something new. The chief strategist told me that Trump “wasn’t looking to win a news cycle, he was looking to win a news moment, a news second.”

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“A sometimes shocked Bannon would convey to his aides that ‘Trump would say anything, he would lie about anything to win this moment, to win any trade he had at this moment.’

“Entire campaign proposals had to be written on the fly, policy plans reversed, aid teams immediately mobilized to respond to whatever was going through Trump’s head at the time to defend his record, drop a reporter or change a chyron on CNN”, the excerpt from the book read.

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