Dolphins could die in the Black Sea because of the war in Ukraine, scientists say

Large numbers of dolphins have died in the Black Sea, with scientists blaming the war in Ukraine for the crisis.

Reports claim that at least a hundred dolphins were found dead between February and mid-May off the Turkish coast, including in Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine.

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Reports claim solar technology on warships is likely responsible for the deaths of dolphins, many of whom are dying from bomb and mine explosions.

Scientists have also blamed increased noise pollution in the Black Sea due to the presence of large Russian warships and military operations responsible for the current state of the dolphins.

Sonar noise emitted by warships could be another reason as it interferes with the dolphins’ communication pattern, scientists say.

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The disruptive underwater sounds cause underwater animals to lose their way and they end up around the shores and in large fishing nets.

Russia had recently blamed Ukraine for exploiting the Black Sea region, saying it was unable to move ships stocked with wheat. The port cities of Mariupol, Berdyansk and Odessa have witnessed increased Russian military activity in recent weeks as shipping has come to a standstill in the Black Sea.

The UN had recently said it was in talks with Russian authorities to unblock ports to move the global food supply which has been hit by severe supply chain constraints with seeds of corn, wheat and sunflowers blocked as Russia began its war with Ukraine on February 24.

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