‘Direct misinformation’: Nancy Pelosi lied to donors about Democrats’ midterm chances, says election analyst

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) in recent fundraising email lied about election forecaster FiveThirtyEightthe predictions of in several Senate races, FiveThirtyEight said founder Nate Silver on Tuesday.

“Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight just announced that the Democrats are on track to win SIX Senate seats in November,” Pelosi wrote in the E-mailfalsely saying the site predicts Democratic wins in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire and Ohio.

“That’s downright misinformation,” Silver tweeted in response. “We have Democrats as big underdogs in Florida and Ohio.”

Pelosi, who regularly sends out emotionally charged campaign emails, has a long history of making false or misleading claims. Pelosi recently tried to justify skyrocketing inflation under President Joe Biden by saying that “when unemployment goes down, inflation goes up,” a claim PolitiFact found largely false and blaming the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Inflation began to soar under Biden months before the invasion of Russia, the Free Washington Beacon reported.

Silver FiveThirtyEight model projects that Republicans have a 54% chance of winning in the Senate. The model rates Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada as draws. The election forecaster says Republicans have a 90% chance of victory in Ohio and a 94% chance in Florida. Of the states Pelosi mentioned in his email, New Hampshire is the only one that FiveThirtyEight predicted will remain blue.

Silver’s model for the House predicts that Pelosi will lose her job as Speaker, predicting that Republicans have an 87% chance of retaking the chamber.

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