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What We Learned, Sunday, June 12

And that’s where we leave you on this busy Sunday. Here’s what we learned today:

Tharnicaa Nadesalingam celebrated her fifth birthday at her home in Biloela after his family returned to the central Queensland city on Friday. It is his first anniversary since his detention in 2018 under the previous coalition government.

Eight people were rescued from blizzard conditions at the summit of Mount Wellington in Tasmania on Saturday, and a woman died after being hit by a falling tree in Beulah as stormy weather hit the state. A search was underway for another woman lost on mount wellington Sunday afternoon.

Cold weather expected to continue across much of eastern Australia on Monday and further into the coming week.

Defense Minister Richard Marles meets with his Chinese counterpart during the Shangri-La dialogue in Singapore, but observers believe it is probably too early to say that it signals an easing of post-election tensions.

NDIS Minister Bill Shorten said he wants to ‘restore confidence’ in the programwhich he says has become “a maze of red tape” and an “administrative nightmare” for people with disabilities.

NSW to modernize its paid parental leave scheme for civil service workerswith up to 14 weeks of paid leave available for the second parent from October and a distinction between ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ carers removed.

Services Australia has embarked on a massive overhaul of its call center operationscutting the work it sends out to labor hire firms by around 30%, which is expected to lead to job losses and could mean people will wait longer for Centrelink services.

The United States has abolished Covid-19 tests for inbound travelersincluding those in Australia, following intense lobbying by airlines and tour operators.

And Australia recorded at least 24 deaths from Covid-19 and more than 20,000 new cases nationwide.

We’ll be back with you on Monday morning for all your Queen’s Birthday Holiday information needs. Stay well.

Fog and frost for everyone in Victoria for the next two mornings. It will (continue to be) cold, with more rain to come on Wednesday.

And if you’re in Tasmania, here’s your official icy road warning. Frosts are likely on Monday morning, so be careful if you’re out tomorrow.

It’s going to be a windy night in WA. Batten the hatches if you’re on this side of the Nullarbor, folks.

It will be a windy night in the southwest with likely damaging winds, especially along the extreme southern coast. Wave heights are also on the rise and could reach 8m at Cape Naturaliste early Monday morning. Latest warnings:

— Bureau of Meteorology, Western Australia (@BOM_WA) June 12, 2022

Increased disaster management funding for communities affected by NSW bushfires

Rural communities devastated by the black summer fires two years ago can expect a major financial boost for disaster management when the NSW state budget is released on June 21, AAP reports.

NSW Treasurer and Minister for Energy Matt Kean said on Sunday that nearly $600 million would be committed over the next decade to run national parks, including employing 200 firefighters.

An additional $93.7 million will go towards a climate change adaptation strategy.

Kean said:

Climate change is happening now. Adaptation helps protect the things we value most from floods, droughts and bushfires. It can save lives, livelihoods, homes and ecosystems.

The government will also commit more than $315 million over the next four years for fireproof homes, as recommended in the findings of the NSW bushfire inquiry.

Premier of New South Wales Dominique Perrotet said the investment will help more than 1.3 million properties on bushfire-prone land prepare for future fire seasons.

Firefighters can also expect better front-line equipment, with more than $105 million to be spent on new trucks and refitting old ones.

The inquiry was commissioned by the former Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian to examine the causes, preparedness and response to the bushfires that have ravaged millions of acres and destroyed nearly 2,500 properties.

The budget will also include $401 million over four years for Closing the Gap projects, including a $30 million community grants program and funding for housing and health services.

Cultural initiatives like the Aboriginal Languages ​​Trust and the Stolen Generations Memorials will also get a financial boost.

NSW modernizes paid parental leave for civil service workers

More parents working in the public sector in NSW can expect to spend quality time with their newborns, with up to 14 weeks of paid leave available for the second parent, reports the AAP .

The distinction between ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ carers will be scrapped as part of an overhaul of parental leave rights for public sector workers from October, with mothers and fathers eligible for this provision.

First Dominique Perrotet said on Sunday that while most parents across Australia are entitled to paid primary parental leave, only 12% of those taking it are men:

Helping all parents spend more precious days with their newborns helps them form bonds that last a lifetime.

Single parents will be entitled to 16 weeks of paid parental leave. Parents, including those employed outside the public sector, will also be eligible for a ‘bonus leave’ scheme.

The arrangement is the first in Australia allowing each parent to take at least 12 weeks leave and exhaust any paid parental leave offered by their employers.

The NSW Government has announced the initiative as part of its upcoming state budget.

Movie buffs, video game fanatics and classical music fans have voted in the ABC’s Classic 100 countdown and the Top 10 is:

10. Ramin Djawadi, Game of Thrones
9. John Barrie, out of Africa
8. John Williams, Jurassic Park
7. Vangelis – Chariots of Fire
6. Klaus Badelt – Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
5. John Williams – Schindler’s List
4. John Williams+ – Harry Potter Series
3. Ennio Moroconi – The Mission
2. Howard Shore, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
1. Star Wars.

Now let the nostalgia flow.

Here is the full quote as I got it from Marleswho says Australia supports the status quo and does not want to see any escalation of any conflict.

“Australia does not support Taiwan independence. We have a good relationship with the Taiwanese. What we don’t want to see is unilateral action on either side of the Taiwan Strait, which changes the status quo. And what we want to see is that the situation of the Taiwanese people is resolved through peaceful negotiations. This is our position on Taiwan and, in truth, it has been a long-standing bipartisan position in Australia for decades, and it will remain there.

Marles a question was asked about what Australia’s role would be if the dispute over Taiwanese independence turns into war. I believe he said, ‘Australia does not support Taiwanese independence’, but I’m just checking the tape now.

Will have the full quote in a moment.

Marles hits back at Dutton for using state secrets for ‘political’ purposes

On nuclear submarines Marles says Australia will not be able to remove its current generation from collins classify submarines as planned and that long-range nuclear submarines are “completely essential” to bolster Australia’s defense capability.

On comments by Peter Dutton, Marles attacks the use of state secrets for political purposes.

The Leader of the Opposition sat in my place just a few weeks ago and as such was privy to the nation’s most important secrets…these secrets should not be used for political purposes . These secrets should not be used in a partisan way.

What we see from the Leader of the Opposition is simply not consistent with his statements when he was Minister of Defense and they are certainly not based on the facts as I understand them now.

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