Daily Caller reporter describes encountering migrants on the border of ‘Belarus, Russia and even Afghanistan’

The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura joined Laura Ingraham to discuss the southern border crisis on Tuesday evening, noting that officers are overwhelmed as the situation worsens.

“Here in the Yuma sector, we have migrants coming from outside the northern triangle countries,” Ventura explained. “So far we have met migrants from Belarus, Russia, even Afghanistan, India, Peru, Brazil, all of whom have come here. And another kind of problem here too is the role that the Mexican government is playing. You know, most of these migrants, they go through Guatemala and the first time they get there, Tapachula, Mexico, they’re in Tapachula. They are actually technically not legally allowed to travel through Mexico.

Ventura recently reported that Mexican authorities were doing next to nothing to prevent migrants from attempting to cross the border.

Ventura told Fox News that the Yuma sector is one of the hardest hit and that it “has gotten so bad that there’s actually a Border Patrol agent apprehending literally 200 migrants over 10 different countries”. (RELATED: SCOTUS Rules Against Migrants’ Right to Bail Hearings in Custody)

Ventura previously captured exclusive footage for the Daily Caller appearing to show an officer dealing with dozens of migrants.

Ventura told Ingraham that one of the biggest obstacles for Border Patrol agents is that officers lack the manpower to both process migrants and stop the flow of drug trafficking.

“While Border Patrol agents are busy dealing with family units and unaccompanied minors, then we have single men smuggling drugs” into the states.

Southern border agents encountered a record number of illegal migrants at the southern border in May, according to CBP. Officers met 239,416 migrants, about a quarter of whom had been met before. Authorities say 69% of those migrants were adults.

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