Covid-related deaths drop sharply as US cases rise: report

The COVID-19 pandemic has already claimed more than a million lives in the United States, but it seems the pace is slowing. According to the New York Times, the rise in vaccination and herd immunity has led to a drastic drop in Covid-related deaths and it is now close to the lowest since the start of the pandemic. According to data from the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 230 Covid-related deaths were reported on June 16 – a huge drop from the 2,200 cases recorded in February earlier this year when the country was treating the subvariant. Omicron. The fall is almost similar when it comes to the seven-day moving average, which also fell to almost a tenth.

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“In previous waves, there were still significant pockets of people who had not been vaccinated or exposed to the virus, and were therefore at the same risk of dying as people at the start of the pandemic,” said Dr David Dowdy, epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins. The Bloomberg School of Public Health told The New York Times in an interview, “Those pockets don’t exist anymore.”

Dr. Joe Gerald, an associate professor of public health at the University of Arizona, told the New York Times that the situation had improved significantly since Omicron’s push between January and March.

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“Our level of community immunity before this wave was much higher than it has ever been due to the combination of infection and vaccination,” he said according to the NYT report.

However, some doctors have warned that the United States could see an increase in cases in the near future as a large percentage of people choose not to take booster shots.


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